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    One day we received a professionally prepared Minimal Farm PROGRAM from Belgium.

    Customers bought a beautiful plot in Kujawy in Poland and decided to prepare a competition for architects, first. Future residents would like a building that would have a living part and livestock part under the same roof. The stock will be 8-10 donkeys, raise for therapy and milk products.

    Inspired by the designs of Bengt Warne (Swedish eco-architect), the house and the entire plot would be created in a way that would allow the inhabitants to live in harmony with nature. Varne created homes which, by adding a “glass shell” (GREENHOUSE), received another – fourth dimension. In this dimension, time was represented by the endless cycles of the seasons and with them cycles of growth, sun, rain, wind … The whole structure would create NATURE.

    On the plot we need to find a suitable place for orchard, vegetable garden, natural sewage treatment plant area, additional pasture and a piece of forest.

    We started working on the project from gathering information on conducting a farm with donkeys in Poland. We learned that the donkeys like dry light ground, lots of sunshine, but also the peace and quiet … This knowledge has become our starting point for the project of the whole area.

    We sent a concept to Belgium and … we won!

    The residential area is about 60 square meters of ground floor area and part of the bedroom on the first floor. Additionally on the second floor there are guest rooms accessible from the outside. In the second part of the building is a stable for donkeys and above it – a fodder storage. The stable and the house is combined together by the SIEŃ on the ground floor, and on the first floor there will be a rainwater reservoir. On the north wall of the house there is a ramp, which leads to the fodder storage over the stable and to the guest rooms. Under the roof, on a wooden “box” -there will be a space with favorable climatic conditions for all-year cultivation of herbs and seedlings. The house, the barn and the hall are combined into a single block of the GREENHOUSE in the form of a barn. The opening of the slopes has been thought through to facilitate the ventilation of the building and the use of terraces on the ground floor and balconies on the first floor. The divisions in the glazing were dictated by the size of the windows, which will come to the construction site straight from the dismanted elevation of the office building in Belgium. This 30-meter-long building by reflecting and absorbing sunlight during the day, and illuminating from the interior at night, will create a specific Light Farm on the green glade …


    Małgorzata Siekanko, Marta Sękowska – Kulińska

    Paulina Wielgosz-Konewka, Tomasz Talaga

    500 m2


    under construction

    Małgorzata Siekanko